Reimagining the browser for the future of work

For most knowledge workers, the next few years will be defined in part by a complicated relationship with generative AI. While some jobs will undoubtedly be replaced, many others will be much harder to replace, including those that require human empathy, judgment and reliability. But the baseline level of efficiency will rise, unlocking unprecedented opportunities to accelerate processes and increase enterprise productivity. In this new era, the people and firms who harness the potential of generative AI most effectively are those who will win.

This kind of profound transformation is nothing new for knowledge workers and their employers – over the past few years, work has changed all around us. Pandemic restrictions may be gone, but accommodations like remote work setups and an overall refocus on employee experience and retention are here to stay. At the same time, the number of apps and screens users must access to carry out their daily tasks has skyrocketed, with workflows growing ever more complex and investment in technology increasing across the board.


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