Logitech MX Brio webcam review

Virtual meetings have continued to reign supreme even after most of the world returned to the “new normal” post-pandemic. The ease of connecting with anyone around the world in a matter of seconds is just too convenient, especially as a large portion of the workforce is now remote and/or works from home. That said, if virtual meetings are the primary way people connect beyond an email, Slack, or introductory phone call, then it’s just as essential to put your best foot forward in a virtual meeting as you would in person. If you were trying to make a good impression, you would only show up with shoes, unshowered, or a ratty shirt. Putting yourself on a good display by way of having a quality camera is now the same level of importance as dressing professionally for a meeting. 

A grainy, poorly focused camera at a poor angle or looking up your nose from your laptop gives an unprofessional feeling to your presentation in that meeting. That is the image you are presenting. However, alternatively, if you look crisp, in focus, at a good angle, with good lighting, then you look put together and professional.


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