How to prepare your employees for generative AI in the workplace

It has been a year since the launch of ChatGPT, a chatbot that became a global phenomenon overnight, ushering in an era of rapid technological innovation driven by generative AI. The series of AI advancements that followed unlocked a global competition for AI dominance and forced governments, businesses, and consumers to rethink what our world will look like in the era of generative AI.

This technology will have a profound impact on the future of work. While generative AI offers great potential to accelerate productivity and innovation, it poses new challenges to business leaders. For instance, how do organizations prepare their workforce for a future where humans and AI work together to make critical decisions and complete complex tasks? How can they adopt generative AI safely across the business? How do they make sure that no one is left behind?

Susan Charnaux

Chief People Officer at Appian.

Business leaders and front-line workers have different views of AI


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