Don’t want to wear a fitness tracker to bed? Here’s how to track your sleep with Google Nest hub

Smart Home Week

This article is part of TechRadar’s Smart Home Week 2024, where we’re giving you all the latest news, tips and tricks to help you make the smart home of your dreams. 

The smart home dream is a concert of household devices like the best smart lights, smart TVs, and smart speakers with voice assistants seamlessly working together to improve all aspects of your life, from convenience to wellness. 

It’s wellness we’re going to focus on right now. While the best sleep trackers are often worn on your wrist, or even on your finger like the Oura Ring Generation 3, you can also track your sleep quality and duration with a smart home hub, providing it’s the Google Nest Hub (2nd Gen) you own. That’s because it’s got capabilities few other smart home hubs have: even the best Amazon’s Alexa speaker and Apple HomePod speakers can’t track your sleep in this way. 


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